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"Justice is the constant and perpetual wish to render to each one his rights." - Ulpianus

About us:

Our Law Office has been at the service of those who are in need of legal aid for over thirty years. During this three decades we have gained extensive experience, with which we are constantly offering high-quality legal help to our clients. Our goal is to provide reliable long lasting relationship with our partners. We are convinced that this is only possible if our services are predictable and professional. As a lawyer, we also consider it important to ensure continuity and precision for our clients, and for that we always do our best to adapt the individual needs of each client. As lawyers we have significant experience especially in civil and labor law, in financial law, economic law and in Eu's new GDPR regulation.

Featured Legal Services:

Drafting and negotiating contracts/agreements

Civil Law

Corporate Law

Family legal issues


Economic Crimes

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Dr. Zoltán Becsei Law Office

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